As a farmer and florist I provide your special occasion with seasonal detail and design.


From seed to bouquet I am able to follow each bloom through the coarse of it's life cycle, bearing witness to it all - from the emergence of tiny leaves, to the bees they feed, and the hearts they touch once harvested.



Flowers transcend language. The feel, the smell, the colors, the indulgence of all the senses are complete when you surround yourself with flowers. They ground you and care for your soul. The ability to arrange them as art and give to another is the ultimate work.

Community support agriculture

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When you hire me, you hire my family. My husband cheers me on, and often will help with the heavy lifting, my daughters are my beauty and reality. They are a constant wonder, unwavering love, and constant inspiration to me.


April showers bring May flowers


Spring events are vibrant and energetic as we awaken from a long and dark winter. Anticipation over the first blooms of the year make for exciting and whimsical design.


Sky's the limit


Colors, shapes, textures, sizes - there's no limit to the possibilities in summer. 


Rust, brown, seeds, fruit, leaves - fall.


The long bright days of summer are starting to retreat and the coolness in the air hints to the long cold winter ahead. We celebrate the autumnal colors, and the fruits, seeds, and pods of the circle of life.


There is beauty and creativity in simplicity. 


I love working with succulents and other textures in greenery and dried flowers. While local blooms may be harder to come by - beauty is not.