Our little one acre farm provides the foundation for our entire family. It is the root from which we grow nourishment, experience connections, foster creativity, work hard and find the value in caring for something greater than ourselves. We deeply respect and celebrate mother nature's intricacies everyday. Her cycles are ours and my farming practices reflect this reverence. I grow organically - utilizing homegrown compost and a no till approach. 

Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative Opening Day Market

The Farm is also a proud member of the Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative - a farmer owned coop that allows flower growers to pool their weekly availability to make available to florists, floral shops, and DIY eventers in the Ann Arbor area. For more information click here.

I would never have called myself an artistic or creative kid. I played sports, worked hard on my grades, and hung out at the mall with my friends. My moments of artistry, some on stage, and some with a pen and paper, were always brief and meaningful to me. It wasn't until I crossed paths with and became friends with a truly gifted flower farmer + florist that the coarse of my path changed forever.  

I will never forget the Friday's spent in the workshop room at Stonewall Farm making market bouquets with dear friends Liz, Kelly and Sarah. I didn't realize it (or didn't want to admit it at the time) but floral design work inspired me. It opened my heart to the power of vulnerability and it's beautiful connection to life, death, and dirt. By allowing myself to be a creative person, as well as a steward of the land, I am able to experience the fullest spectrum of mental, physical, and emotional connection there can be to a time and place. It is hard, dirty, raw, sorrowful, inspirational, beautiful, challenging, ecstatic, painful, exhausting, spiritual work that I am grateful for everyday.  

My design work is inspired by and respectful of mother nature. Whenever I raise my snips to remove a branch, bloom, or bulb I give thanks. I am appreciative of this gift given to me, that I am now able to give. It is a relationship based on giving, not receiving, and of gratitude, not expectations. This is why I am so committed to using my own flowers or those of my flower farming community in all my design work. When I am absolutely unable to utilize local, I turn to other American farmers with sustainable practices. Needless to say, your flowers are thoughtfully sourced and lovingly arranged. Enjoy.





My family is at the heart of everything I do. I am building this farm business for us for so many reasons - to be a powerful role model for my daughters - that they can do anything they darn well want to in this world, to provide nourishment and creative freedom, to heal, to find peace and connection.... the list goes on and on. It only took me 35 years to realize what I was meant to do on this planet and I feel lucky that I'm doing it with the help of my loving family.

Flowers delivered weekly to your door


Yup, you read that right. Sign up for Gnome Grown's csa and receive a weekly delivery of flowers to your home or office*. You are also welcome to pick up your share at White Lotus Farm on Saturdays during their Farmer's Market. When you sign up, just let me know which option you would prefer. There are two share options available.

Interested? Shoot me an email and I'll send you an invoice!


 Bouquet Share - July thru September - $150  A mason jar of flowers, delivered Thursday afternoons.

Bouquet Share - July thru September - $150

A mason jar of flowers, delivered Thursday afternoons.

 Bucket Share - July thru September - $300  A floral bucket of flowers, delivered Thursday afternoons.

Bucket Share - July thru September - $300

A floral bucket of flowers, delivered Thursday afternoons.

*within a reasonable distance from the farm. If delivery is not an option for you, you are welcome to pick up the flowers at the farm on Thursday evenings, or at White Lotus Farm on Saturdays.