By joining my two callings - farming and floristry - I allow myself to be a creative person, as well as a steward of the land. I turn to my garden and surroundings for inspiration and find mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to season and place. Working with these natural elements energizes and fulfills me. It opens my heart to the power of vulnerability and connects me to life, death, and nourishment. It is hard, dirty, raw, sorrowful, beautiful, and exhilarating work that I am grateful for everyday.  

Every natural thing is imbued with the power of it’s creation -everything as grand as the seasons down to a single seed. A plant, freshly picked from the garden shifts that energy to the gardener. I can feel it when I work them into a design, and so can my clients. This is why I am so committed to using my own flowers or those of my flower farming community in all of my design work. The inspiration and creative energy is fresh, powerful, and unparalleled. When I am absolutely unable to utilize local, I turn to other American farmers with sustainable practices. Needless to say, your flowers are thoughtfully sourced and lovingly arranged.