As a farmer and florist I provide your special occasion with seasonal detail and design.


From seed to bouquet I am able to follow each bloom through the coarse of its life cycle, bearing witness to it all - from the emergence of tiny leaves, to the bees they feed, and the hearts they touch once harvested. 


Flowers have the ability to transcend language. A flower fresh from the field is still imbued with the energy of it’s creation. That energy is inspiring to me and a gift I love to share in each of my creations.



When you hire me, you hire my family. My husband cheers me on, and often will help with the heavy lifting, my daughters are my beauty and reality. They are a constant wonder, unwavering love, and absolute inspiration for me.


As a founder and member of the Michigan Flower Growers’ Cooperative I dedicate my time to the strengthening of our region’s agricultural economy by redefining how flowers are produced and sourced.