I feel it is important to create a space to state with intention, my mission in business and in life. Whether you’ve landed on my site for event flowers, seasonal inspiration, personal curiosity, as an accident, or for local connection, I want you to know that I stand for something and if you choose, your money will too.

My mission - To steward my land and creative process in order to build the awareness, health, and love of my family, community, clients, and earth.


awareness and action

From sustainable farming and event design practices to my involvement with the Michigan Flower Growers’ Cooperative I am on a mission to change the way flowers are grown and sourced and how events are executed in my region.

A sustainable path is the only way forward and this includes organic and no till agriculture, the strengthening of our local economy through local purchasing and sourcing, low to zero waste event planning, and the creation of a cooperative community where resources and knowledge are shared for the benefit of all.

Health-Mind, body, spirit, family, community, clients, earth, and land.

Mind- to engage in the world as an active participant/expert, and as a life long student. I choose to attend conferences to further my learning, while also engaging in dialogue with fellow farmers, florists, and community at large.

Body - as a physical laborer and mother of two, it is of utmost importance that I take care of my body, so that I may continue to work long into my future.

Spirit - to include time to engage in life in a way that is nourishing - with no other purpose or motive. For me, this means spending time in nature, away from the farm.

Community - The Michigan Flower Growers’ Cooperative is a piece of my life’s work and I will volunteer my time to it and it’s members, always.

Clients - I will dedicate my time and love to provide the most inclusive and thoughtful service I can.

Earth - I have a goal of 0 waste events - I am not there yet, as I still have questions, but I am dedicating time to finding answers.

Land - My approach to stewarding this piece of land I have come to own includes no tillage (the mechanical stirring of the soil), organic amendments and soil care, complete on-farm nutrient cycling, the planting of more perennials, and solar panels. These are current practices, short, and long term goals of ours.



Love - to be seen and respected for who you are is a most basic human right.

This means….

  • that you are a priority to me

  • that I care about you

  • that I care about me

  • and that by working together we recognize our humanity and our responsibility to move through our life in the most sustainable way possible.

I will demonstrate my love for you, me, my family, our community, and our earth thru:

  • honest communication and clear expectations including opportunities for feedback.

  • no till and organic farming practices

  • 0 or minimal waste events

  • growing what I love to use in design and in my kitchen

  • the dedication of my time to the Michigan Flower Growers’ Cooperative

  • the dedication of myself to my family by being present and clocking out of work