What will be in season?

I will attempt to answer this very important question below. The exact timing depends on a lot of little factors including, what kind of spring we had, how did seed germination go, what has the weather been like lately, pest damage, etc. In general - I always source locally first, so what you see blooming around you is what you will likely get. I prefer to work with blooms from my field, and the fields of other growers in the area for many reasons - to support our families, to get the best blooms, inspiration, flexibility, and to build relationships. If I am unable to source enough or a particular bloom locally I will reach out across the United States. So, to make a long story short, I work with what I have, in the colors or style that is requested. The lists below, followed by images, are general references to our Michigan season.

Early Spring

Late March - May

hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, irises, flowering branches, alliums, larkspur, delphinium, muscari, ranunculus, anemones, poppies, sweet william, poppy, succulents, lillac, lady's mantle, hosta leaves, coral bells, columbine, baptisia, yarrow, succulents

Late Spring

June - Mid July

peonies, irises, flowering branches, alliums, larkspur, delphinium, poppy, sweet pea, wheats and grasses, veronica, calendula, herbs, liatris, baptisia, feverfew, hydrangea, succulents, and the very beginnings of annual field crops like sunflowers, nicotiana, chinese forget-me-not, rudbekia, and amaranthus.


Late July - Early September

amaranthus, zinnia, dahlia, basil/herbs, orach, scabiosa, nicotiana, butterfly weed, cosmos, celosia, sunflowers, echinacea, globe thistle, grasses, rue, rubekia, strawflower, hyacinth bean, ammi, chinese forget-me-not, love in a puff, salvia, succulents


Late September - Hard frost (late October or early November)

dahlia, amaranthus, zinnia, mums, ammi, celosia, hyacinth bean, love in a puff, cosmos, cress, salvia, statice, strawflower, sunflower, fall foliage branches, gerber daisy, berry/fruit branches, scabiosa, globe thistle, succulents


Hard frost - Into March

What??? What could you possibly source locally in the winter?! Succulents! I love working with succulents. This is also when I do most ordering from California and Florida.....